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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are required for the application process?

A: Documents required depend on whether the application is made for a legal entity or an individual.

• ID Card (only for Cypriot citizens)/Passport
• Residence Permit (Pink Slip, Category F, Yellow Slip, Working Visa)
• Certificate of Employment (from the Employer)
• or Certificate of self-employment (from the Social Insurance with the Social Contributions), or Contract of Employment
• Social Insurance Declaration (of the last 2 years) and any other documents that verify other income sources (contracts, etc.)
• Copy of the Bank Statement (of the last 3 months)
• Copy of Title Deeds (if there is a property in possession) or copy of Rental agreement
• Driving License
• Consent form
• Recent utility bill
• Bank statements of the last 3 months

Legal entity:
• The 4 (four) Certificates of the company
• Financial statement of the last 2 (two) years
• Driving License (of the main drivers)
• ID Card (only for Cypriot citizens)/Passport of the Director of the company
• Consent form (signed by a Director/Shareholder of the Company)

** Please note that we may accept alternative source of documentation for our evaluation which will satisfy the information required for our evaluation process.
(if possible to download the documents provided in this email – consent form, list for entity)

What is the minimum period I can rent a car?

6 Months

What is the timeframe of application process?

A: You get a reply within 48 hours from application considering all required documents have been provided.

Can I have additional authorized drivers.

A: Yes, after confirmation and approval from Rovi rent a Car . Please note that this might have extra insurance charges

What if my car requires maintenance or fixing?

A: You can contact us at any time to book an appointment for a service. If the fleet control system is installed to your vehicle then we can see your kilometers and we will contact you.